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Subbuteo's Rare Items

Munich Box Set


There are several reasons as to why the Munich Box Set is so rare. Firstly the box size. The box measures 29 inches x 18 inches x 6 inches deep and was therefore difficult to store. Many children played with the contents and threw the box away. Those boxes that have survived are often in poor condition. Also most shops would only have carried 1 or 2 Munich's again due to its size.

Secondly the contents of the Munich Set included everything you could possibly want. The first thing most of us bought when we started collecting Subbuteo was a pitch, goals, balls and a couple of teams. Then if we liked the game we advanced onto fencing, a scoreboard, TV Tower etc. By the time we started looking at other Subbuteo items i.e. the Munich, we already had everything that was in the set so it wasn't worth buying it. Therefore the Munich only sold in very small numbers.

Thirdly the cost of this set was prohibitive to a lot of parents. It was far easier to spend a few pence each week and buy individual items, than to save up to buy something the size of a Munich box set. The set was introduced in 1973 and was stopped in 1976, so a short life span is another factor as to why the Munich sold in such small numbers.

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